Hi there! I’m Becca.

I design inclusive technologies that incite joy and enable everyone to create good.

My Inspiration

I believe that thoughtfully designed technology can bring joy to people’s lives and has the potential to disrupt what’s considered “normal”. I seek to design inclusive experiences centered around real people and support those whose needs are often overlooked. Fusing my academic background in human computer interaction, professional experience in economic analysis, and influences drawn from working with people living with dementia gives me a unique perspective through which to lead sustainable innovation in this high-potential field.

I believe that these unique experiences that people with disabilities have is what’s going to help us make and design a better world for everyone, both for people with and without disabilities.

Elise Roy

Featured Projects

  • Usability Evaluation
    Evaluating the usability and overall user experience of the Alzheimer’s Society website with remote moderated usability testing.
  • Spread the Light
    Designing an interactive technology to bring caregiver communities together in support and love during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Shared Confidence and Uncertainty Using Google
    Individual dissertation project comparing older and younger users’ mental models and search experiences of Google through a range of qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Assisting Family Members with Technology in a Remote World
    Conducting and analyzing observations to propose design principles for supporting less confident technology users and enabling remote assistance.

Get in Touch

Having completed my MSc in Human Computer Interaction Design in October 2021, I am seeking positions in user experience research and design.